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    Greenlee and Sherman + Reilly Expand Hydraulic Battery Tool Line
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    Sherman + Reilly introduces the redesigned PLW-200X
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    Sherman + Reilly launches company-owned service center

Sherman + Reilly™ News

P-1400X: How Did You Make That?

In this edition of How Did You Make That, we go over how the P-1400X is made, start to finish, and how Sherman+Reilly™ is known for our superior quality, service, and longevity.

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Long-Haul Pulling: P-2000X

Sherman+Reilly™ is pleased to showcase our P-2000X Revolution Series bullwheel puller. In this podcast we will demonstrate key features that make this puller a must for your fleet. The benefits of safety and versatility are made clear in this Sherman+Reilly™ Revolution Series P-2000X demonstration video.
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Underground Pulling Done Right: Sherman+Reilly™ U7500A

In this video podcast we show the Sherman+Reilly™ U7500A Underground Puller in action on a 500ft pull from a substation, through underground conduit, and up to the pole.

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Sherman+Reilly Enhances Towing Ability of Transmission Equipment

Sherman+Reilly releases the latest versions of the Revolution Series PTR-7230S and the T-7212 transmission class equipment.  These new versions offer options for pintle eye hitch configurations providing improved towing ability with a standard line truck.  These new configurations also reduce the overall storage and field footprints of the equipment.  These models are also still available in the traditional king pin or 5th wheel configuration.

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REEVING MADE SIMPLE: Sherman+Reilly™ T-7212 & T-2608

In this podcast we will demonstrate the proper way to reeve the bullwheels on our Revolution Series T-7212 and T-2608 bullwheel tensioners.  In this demonstration we will highlight several key concepts that make the reaving process simple, efficient, and that separate these Sherman+Reilly™ bullwheel tensioners from others.

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CP-50 PMTA Attachment: Unboxing and Assembly

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CP-50 Compact Safety Puller: Unboxing and Assembly

In this Sherman+Reilly™ Video Podcast we review the components and demonstrate the assembly of the CP-50 Compact Safety Puller.

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Jim Zima named to lead Sherman+Reilly™ Inc. and HD Electric Company®

Chattanooga, TN -- Scott Hall, President, Greenlee Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, has announced the appointment of Jim Zima as Vice President and General Manager for  Sherman + Reilly Inc  and HD Electric Company .

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Sherman+Reilly™ is pleased to showcase our T-7212 and T-2608 Revolution Series tensioners.  In this podcast we will demonstrate features of these two machines and discuss the benefits that simplify tensioning operations.  The versatility of Sherman+Reilly™ Revolution Series tensioners are made clear in this walkthrough and demonstration.

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