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    Greenlee and Sherman + Reilly Expand Hydraulic Battery Tool Line
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    Sherman + Reilly introduces the redesigned PLW-200X
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    Sherman + Reilly launches company-owned service center

Sherman + Reilly™ News

Designed for Simplicity: The Revolution Series T-1608 Tensioner

 Sherman + Reilly™ new technologically advanced Revolution Series T-1608 Tensioner designed for simplicity

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Sherman+Reilly Attends DistribuTECH 2016

BOOTH 1246:  Come see Sherman+Reilly, HD Electric Company, and Greenlee Utility at DistribuTECH 2016 located at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL on February 9-11, 2016.  

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Sherman+Reilly Enhances Towing Ability of Transmission Equipment

Sherman+Reilly releases the latest versions of the Revolution Series PTR-7230S and the T-7212 transmission class equipment.  These new versions offer options for pintle eye hitch configurations providing improved towing ability with a standard line truck.  These new configurations also reduce the overall storage and field footprints of the equipment.  These models are also still available in the traditional king pin or 5th wheel configuration.

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Sherman + Reilly™ Attends the International Lineman's Rodeo 2015

Chattanooga, TN. Sherman + Reilly Inc. ™, a leading manufacturer of power line stringing and installation equipment, will be providing hands-on demonstrations of its new products at the 2015 International Lineman's Rodeo in Overland Park, KS from October 15th through October 16th.  

The Sherman+Reilly™ booth is located at 429A, and will feature demonstrations on the new termination tool line, including the new battery powered hydraulic cutters and crimpers.  Sherman+Reilly™ will also be demostrating the CP-50 Compact Safety puller and a host of other innovative products.  We will be joined this year by fellow partner HD Electric® Company, who will be showing the latest in testing and measurement equipment.   

Together Sherman+Reilly™ and HD Electric® Company continue our support for lineman around the world who risk their lives everyday.  

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Advanced Aerial Surveillance for Power Utilities: (ICUEE Booth L479)

Today is the last day to see the latest in aerial surveillance from Textron Systems.  This Aerial drone and supporting systems technologies can help achieve everything from wide-scale vegetation management and terrain mapping to detecting electrical hot spots.  All this can be achieved from a remote location with live data and high definition video feeds.  This technology and innovation from Textron Systems provides the utility industry with unparalleled surveillance capabilities that are safer and more efficient that traditional methods.
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Ergonomics Expertise [ICUEE Booth 3004]

Thanks to the technological innovation of Greenlee®, we are proud to help demonstrate the new ErgoLab technology.  This technology allows the user to see exactly how ergonomic a work process is while pinpointing critical risks factors during those same work processes.  Come by the ICUEE indoor booth 3004 to see a live demo of this highly advanced technology.  The real and lasting ergonomic and efficiency benefits of the Sherman+Reilly hydraulic cutting and crimping tools are also highlighted with this technology.

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Sherman+Reilly™ hosts Off-Road Vehicles from Textron's Specialized Vehicles Division: (ICUEE Booth L373)

Come see the latest in off-road utility vehicles in the Sherman+Reilly™ outdoor booth L373 at ICUEE 2015.  Textron Specialized Vehicles provides some of the most versatile and advanced-application off-road utility vehicles on the market today. Brands like Cushman® and EZGO® provide leading technology for off-road mobility. The Cushman® Hauler 4x4 on display now is outfitted with specialized hydraulics capable of powering a host of utility-grade hydraulic tools available from Greenlee®.

For show information visit: www.sherman-reilly.com/icuee

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Come see our 360° Distribution Turret Puller (ICUEE Booth L373)

You no longer have to worry about aligning your puller trailer on the lead block. The Sherman+Reilly™ HPLW-2004 2,000 lb. Turret Puller provides a 360° rotating turret that eliminates the hassle of trailer positioning in narrow Right-of-Ways or along road ways. This puller is available for live demos here at ICUEE. See www.sherman-reilly.com/icuee for show information.

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Don't Touch That Machine...It Is Energized: (ICUEE Booth L373)

Come see the Sherman+Reilly™ PLW-400 and the latest in Safety from HD Electric Company®.  For this demo the legendary PLW-400 4,000 lb. four drum puller is outfitted with the HD Electric Company® WAVi® Technology.  This technology detects energy fields, and provides visual alerts to help prevent deadly touch potential.

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Come Kick the Tires of the New P-2000X Tomorrow: (ICUEE Booth L373)

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