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Designed for Simplicity: The Revolution Series T-1608 Tensioner

[fa icon="calendar"] November 08, 2016 / by Sherman+Reilly

 Sherman + Reilly™ new technologically advanced Revolution Series T-1608 Tensioner designed for simplicity

Tensioner can be used on a variety of cable pulls, including fiber


Chattanooga, TN. Sherman + Reilly, continues to drive innovation with the release of the new Revolution Series T-1608 Bullwheel Tensioner.

The new T-1608 delivers a maximum tensioning capacity of 8,000 pounds through a pair of 60-inch, 5 groove bullwheels, and is also designed to be able to provide low-force tensions compatible with lighter weight conductors like fiber optic cable. The T-1608’s automatic tensioning system with sag assist maintains set tension and operates in pull-drive mode for easy rewinding of unused conductor, as well as forward drive for ease of bullwheel reeving.

Working with Sherman + Reilly’s CRS-96/67 and CRS-108/83 reel stands, the T-1608 can control tail-tension from within its Safe-Zone® cab through hydraulic quick disconnect couplings located at the front and rear of the unit. The T-1608 is also capable of synchronized tensioning with up to three other Sherman + Reilly tensioners. This feature allows a single operator to control all tensioners simultaneously, a function particularly beneficial to bundled stringing operations.

Using CANbus technology, the T-1608 tensioner provides accurate, digital control of machine functions, as well as real-time display of line tension, speed and distance. Data logging registers stringing information in order to provide an accurate record of tension activity. These records can then be stored on a flash drive.

The T-1608 features an ultra-quiet Safe-Zone cab, providing ultimate safety and comfort for the operator. The Safe-Zone cab employs a polycarbonate front window for maximum visibility while providing superior protection against impact. The cab includes climate control, a fully adjustable ergonomic seat, and all required electronic controls and gauges to provide clear operation information. Designed to reduce fatigue, and provide an "off-ground" envelop for the operator, the Safe-Zone cab greatly reduces the risk of touch potential in energized environments.

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